(Adopted 8/10/1971; Amended 6/16/1992, 6/19/2001)

A. An agricultural burning permit shall not be valid on a no-burn day and a person shall not knowingly set or permit burning on a no-burn day. For the purpose of Regulation III, a person shall be deemed to have permitted burning if he or she permits the setting or use of such fires on land under his or her control or by employees or other persons under his or her control.
B. Except as otherwise authorized by the Air Pollution Control Officer no person shall set, or allow agricultural burning on days within a period prohibited by the California Air Resources Board pursuant to Section 41855 of the Health and Safety Code.
C. The Air Pollution Control Officer, by special permit, may authorize agricultural burning, including prescribed burning on days designated by the ARB as no-burn days if the denial of such permit would threaten imminent and substantial economic loss. In authorizing such burning, the Air Pollution Officer shall limit the amount of material which can be burned in any one day and only authorize burning which is not likely to cause or contribute to exceedences or result in smoke impacts to smoke sensitive areas.
D. Empty sacks or empty containers from fertilizer and pesticide used in conjunction with agricultural operations, where the sacks or containers are emptied in the field, may be burned on no-burn days provided said burning is accomplished at the site of application and downwind from any susceptible crops or persons and the burner complies with section C. above.