(Adopted 8/10/1971; Amended 6/16/1992, 6/19/2001)

A. No person shall knowingly set or allow agricultural or prescribed burning unless he or she has a valid permit from the District and designated agency when required. No burning shall be conducted pursuant to such permit without specific District approval consistent with these guidelines. Burning conducted pursuant to each permit must comply with all conditions specified on the permit. A violation of this subsection is a violation of section 41852 of the California Health and Safety Code.
B. The form of burning permits shall be prepared by the District in consultation with the designated agencies.
C. The form of the permit shall contain the following words or words of similar import: "This permit is valid only on those days during which agricultural burning, including prescribed burning, is not prohibited by the State Air Resources Board or by an air district pursuant to section 41855 of the Health and Safety Code, and when burning on the lands identified herein has been approved by the District".
D. The District shall provide the designated agencies within the District a copy of these guidelines, related information on state laws and District rules and regulations, and other information as appropriate.
E. Permits issued by designated agencies shall be subject to these guidelines and to the rules and regulations of the District. Designated agencies shall submit to the District information as specified by the District.
F. Each applicant for a permit shall provide information required by the designated agency for fire protection purposes.
G. Each applicant for a permit shall provide information requested by the District.
H. No agricultural burning shall take place unless a valid burn permit, issued by the Air Pollution Control Officer or designee, has been acquired by the person in control of the property, or his or her agent, where the burning is to take place and the burning is conducted in accordance with Regulations II and III. The person in control of said property is strictly liable for any unauthorized burning which takes place. For purposes of this Rule, the person in control of the property is the person who exercises possessory rights over the property.
I. Notice of intent to burn: Prior to ignition of any agricultural wastes pursuant to a permit issued in accordance with these rules the permittee shall give notice of intent to the District along with other information such as crop acreage, or tons, that the agency requires.