Emergency Response

This page is currently being updated as of April 2014

This is the webpage for the California Air Resources Board's Emergency Response Program. The ARB is focused on protecting both first responders and downwind communities in the event of an air-related disaster. As a large state agency, the ARB can bring to bear a large number of resources to bolster the strengths of smaller local agencies and air districts, as well as provide aid to related state agencies. Emergency response field staff work closely with the staffs from other emergency response programs within the BDO's of the California EPA, with the ultimate goal of seamless joint operations and interoperability.

Latest Information

Office of Emergency Response: Mission Request Procedure

The California Air Resources Board (ARB): Office of Emergency Response (OER) has created a step by step procedure to request emergency air monitoring services from the ARB. This procedure applies to any emergency involving the release of a hazardous airborne contaminant when a local agency has exhausted its resources to protect public health or the environment. The Office of Emergency Response can provide State-level support for air contaminant monitoring, sampling, analysis, and dispersion modeling.

The Office of Emergency Response: Mission Request Procedure provides a detailed procedure on how to request support from the Office of Emergency Response and provides contact information for requesting assistance.

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 The OER Field Team on-site during the 2010 Golden Guardian exercise.     Smoke Billows over Lake Tahoe during the 2007 Angora fire