Air Monitoring Training Modules

This page last reviewed April 24, 2014

ARB's Monitoring and Laboratory Division developed three training modules for staff and management that support air monitoring activities.  The modules are designed to emphasize the key elements of ambient air monitoring.  The training program is comprised of three distinct modules, and will be offered at different times and locations in California.  Training will be conducted by subject-matter experts from ARB, U.S. EPA, air monitoring agencies, and instrument manufacturers.

Training materials and associated references (i.e., regulatory requirements, guidance documents, quality management documents, instrument manuals, and other related materials) will be provided to all attendees.  The training modules are described below.

Module 1- Fundamentals of Air Monitoring and Station Setup and Operation

This module introduces attendees to the history of air monitoring, including why monitoring is performed, air monitoring terminology, network design, station set-up, operation, and maintenance.  The training session will be two days in length and will be offered twice a year.

Module 2 - Quality Assurance and Data Management

This module covers the basics of quality assurance, quality assessment, and quality control.  Attendees receive instruction on the use of SOPs, quality control forms, calibration and routine checks, documentation, and data management procedures.  The training session will be two days in length and will be offered twice a year.

Module 3 - Instrumentation Operation and Media-Based Sampling and Analysis

This module is instrument specific training which covers operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of most commonly used ambient air monitoring instruments and methodologies.  The training will include a discussion of media-based sampling and analysis and hands-on operation of air monitoring instrumentation.  The training session will be three days in length and will be offered once per year.

For further information contact: Michael Miguel, Chief, Quality Management Branch at (916) 322-0960