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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 345848.1 and W1171119.0.

UTM Zone 10: 1030.754 km Easting, 

3886.093 km Northing.

North East South West

Site Description

The site is located on Hinkley Road approximately 5 miles north of Highway 58.  The site is an abandoned Desert Research Station.  The station at one time had power and telephone.  The site is secure and easily accessible from Highway 58 and Hinkley Road.  There is power available from a 3-transformer power pole, number 179408LE, located just north of the station.  The site, due to its remoteness may require some security measures, such as fencing.  The site has a 360 unobstructed exposure.  There is a parking area at the site which would provide the operator safe access to park and to perform the data retrieval activities.



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