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Updated September 05, 2000

Site Photographs


Site Location


bti_nort.jpg (60068 bytes) bti_east.jpg (60704 bytes) bti_sout.jpg (57824 bytes) bti_west.jpg (57936 bytes) bti_site.jpg (61456 bytes)

N 38°00’19.8” and W121°38’29.0”.

UTM Zone 10: 619.279 km Easting, 

4207.090 km Northing.

North East South West Site View


bti_roof.jpg (61240 bytes)


bti_inte.jpg (58836 bytes)


bti_clos.jpg (59904 bytes)

Roof Interior Closet

Site Description

The BTI monitoring station is a 20’ by 10’ trailer, located in a boat storage yard approximately 1 mile south of the Bethel Island Bridge.  Local emission sources include residential and vehicular.  An 8-10 meter spruce tree is located within 5 meters of the east side of the trailer, potentially impacting the eastern exposure.  There appears to be no industrial emissions within a ¼ mile radius of the monitoring station.  The site appears to be secure with ample parking within the storage yards parking lot.  The predominant wind direction is from the west to northwest.   

The monitoring station is environmentally controlled, with monitoring instrumentation located in racks occupying the center of the trailer.  The racks currently have space available for nine TEI 42 sized instruments.  The TEOMs, however, would have to be installed in the closet to provide a straight line sample inlet through the roof of the shelter.  Access to the roof is accomplished using a ladder affixed to the west side of the trailer.  The platform on top of the roof appears large enough to place the annual monitoring equipment and the sequential samplers.  There is power available at the shelter, but it is not sufficient to handle the requirements of all the winter samplers.

AVES recommends installing the annual monitoring equipment at/on the BAAQMD monitoring trailer.  The installation would require minimal effort and would not interfere with the current monitoring operations at the site.  It is recommended that the tree to the east of the trailer be topped and/or removed to eliminate it as a source, potential or otherwise, of particulate matter.

Prior to the winter operations a separate environmentally controlled trailer, of equivalent size, should be installed at 90° to the current trailer.  The necessary power, telephone, instrument racks, platforms, and counter space could then be installed without interfering with the BAAQMD site operations.  Main power and telephone lines are approximately 100 meters east of the proposed monitoring site and it would not be a problem to obtain and install them at the temporary trailer.  Mr. Owens indicated that the property owner might/would allow CRPAQS to lease the property adjacent to the BAAQMD trailer.  Mr. Owens will try to locate the owner’s name.  The telephone number on an advertisement for storage at the property was (510) 684-2276.

The separation of CRPAQS and BAAQMD operations is recommended to avoid any potential problems in logistics, operations, and communications between the BAAQMD and CRPAQS contracted personnel.

Annual Instrumentation


       MiniVols (3)

Winter Instrumentation (added)


       Continuous Carbon Analyzer

       Optical Particle Counter

       TEOMS (2)

       Sequential Sampler (2)

       Continuous NO2

       Continuous NOy

       Continuous O3

       Continuous Nitrate

       Continuous Nitric Acid

       Continuous Ammonia

       Continuous Sulfate

       Light Hydrocarbons

       Heavy Hydrocarbons

       Organic Compounds




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