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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 345545.8 and W1175411.5.

UTM Zone 10: 965.715 km Easting,

3876.894 km Northing.

North East South West South View


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Interior Photos

Site Description

The site is located at an air monitoring trailer, currently operated by Xontech for Edwards AFB.  The environmentally-controlled trailer currently houses O3 and NOx analyzers, a nephelometer, and PM10 and RAAS 2.5 FRM samplers. 

The site has plenty of power within the shelter and on its roof, with ample space for additional equipment to be deployed.  However the installation of the TEOMs and aethelometer would require additional racks or shelving to be place inside the shelter.  Again, there is plenty of space to accommodate these additional instruments.  The site also has a 10-meter meteorological tower in close proximity, monitoring wind speed and direction, temperature and dew point.  The site is secure and is accessible.  The site has unobstructed exposure in all directions.

Air Monitoring Station off of Yeager Blvd. Contacts: Patrice Hallman, Hans Beutelman (661)277-1419  or (661)277-2177.



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