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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 35°12’10.3” and W119°32’47.9”.

UTM Zone 10: 814.417 km Easting,

3900.808 km Northing.

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Site Description

The site is located 226 meters west of California Route 33 next to Texaco’s Midway Field Offices, two kilometers north of Fellows.  The site is located in flat terrain with no obstructions for several hundred meters in all directions.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site.

The site is accessible from Route 33 and has power, telephone, security (fence with barbed wire) and support structures readily available.  The site has been used over the last twenty years during various air quality monitoring programs with an excellent historical data base.  The site would provide representative data of emissions of the Midway-Sunset oil field.  Mr. Duran mentioned that Texaco would cooperate with the program by providing the property, power and other support activities required by the CRPAQS in establishing this as a monitoring site.

Located within the site enclosure is a ten-meter crank-down, meteorological tower to which the sampling instruments could be attached.  Mr. Duran was going to investigate whether the power at the site is 110VAC.  If not, a transformer would have to be provided by CRPAQS.

Westside Operators, Abandoned Site 3.



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