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Updated September 05, 2000

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felf_nor.jpg (58340 bytes) felf_eas.jpg (59824 bytes) felf_sou.jpg (60380 bytes) felf_wes.jpg (59272 bytes)

N 351014.0 and W1193356.7.

UTM Zone 10: 812.800 km Easting,

3897.163 km Northing.

North East South West

Site Description

The site is locatedapproximately 80-100 meters north of Pump Site Number 47-1, at approximately 10 meters above grade on a small plateau overlooking the Fellows school approximately to 1 mile to the SE.  The location is off-road but is easily accessible with well maintained hard pan roads leading from the Texaco office on Mocal Road.  Power would be provided from the power transformer feeding the pump at 480V, 3 phase.  The monitoring site would require a step down transformer that could be fitted with an male adaptor to fit a 422 B receptacle located on the center power pole presented in photograph P5180036.  The site would require a power feed of 80-100 meters using an extension cord inside conduit.  The conduit would be required to prevent rodent damage.  A temporary fence would be required to prevent grazing cattle from knocking over the temporary tower and samplers.  The site has a 360 exposure and is surrounded on all sides by various petroleum transfer and drilling operations.  The active pump is the closest emission source at 100m to the south.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site.   

The site would require a power transformer, temporary fence and mounting tower and mounting brackets for the sampling equipment.

The site was selected because of its location upwind and above grade to the pump and its location above grade to the access road.

Texaco Active Pump Site Number 47-1.



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