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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 363530.2 and W1201038.7.

UTM Zone 10: 752.515 km Easting,

4053.090 km Northing.

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Site Description

The Placer Avenue site is located approximately  miles west of Colorado Ave., and approximately 150-200 meters east of Placer Avenue.  The location is easily accessible and secure with minimal traffic on Placer.  Power and telephone are readily available, with the only local source being agricultural operations, specifically cotton and alfalfa.  The site has a 360 exposure and is surrounded on all sides by agricultural operations.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site.  

The site would require a power drop, an extension cord from the shelter on site, and a mounting pole and brackets for the sampling equipment.  There is a turn-out at the site which would provide the operator safe access to park and to perform the filter changes and data retrieval activities.

The property on Placer Avenue would provide the best exposure with the least impact due to local emissions.  The location could also function as the AGBR site due to its proximity to the cotton fields and its lack of other local emission sources.

Placer Avenue, PG&E Power Substation.



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