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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 360538.8 and W1195804.5.

UTM Zone 10: 772.995 km Easting,

3998.444 km Northing.

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Site Description

The 3-mile transformer site is located approximately three miles west of highway 41 on Omaha Ave. and approximately 6-7 miles east of I-5.  The location is easily accessible with minimal traffic on Omaha.  The power pole has three transformers attached to it, which provides power to a pump station.  The only identifier that was in close proximity to the site was a power pole marker immediately across Omaha, 219 18N2.  The site has a 360 exposure and is surrounded on all sides by agricultural operations.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site. 

The site would require a power drop and mounting brackets for the sampling equipment.  The brackets could be attached to the power pole.  There is a turn-out at the site which would provide the operator safe access to park and to perform the filter changes and data retrieval activities.

The property at the 3-mile transformer on Omaha would provide the best exposure with the least impact due to local emissions.  The property at the 2-mile transformer is equivalent to the 3-mile site, except that it could possibly be impacted by the irrigation retention ponds to the west of its location. 

Omaha Ave, 3-mile Transformer Site.



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