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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 370401.8 and W1211233.8.

UTM Zone 10: 659.192 km Easting,

4103.620 km Northing.

North East South West Spikes Peak

Site Description

The site is located 200 meters northeast of the trail head parking area at the bifurcation of two fire trails.  The site is approximately 300 meters northeast of the entrance to the Pacheco State Park located at 38778 W. Dinosaur Point Road.  The site is located on the south side of the Pacheco Pass, Highway 152, approximately 50-100 meters above the grade of the freeway.  The site is accessible by foot and would require solar power, a secure enclosure, and a temporary tower with mounting brackets.  There is power at a pole located on Dinosaur Point Road.  If line power were to be used, a transformer would have to be installed to allow power to be dropped and trenched approximately 200 meters up to the proposed site.  Approval would be required from the land owner prior to any trenching in the wildlife area.

The site has 360 unobstructed exposure.  There appeared to be no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site.

     San Luis Reservoir Wildlife Area

     California Dept. of Fish & Game

     California Dept. of Water Resources

     Bureau of Reclamation



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