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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 370349.0 and W1192944.6.

UTM Zone 10: 811.598 km Easting,

4107.473 km Northing.

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Site Description

The Swiss Dane Corporation site is located west of Auberry Road.  The location has plenty of vacant property and is easily accessible and secure with minimal traffic on Auberry Road.  Power and telephone are readily available, with the only local source being a spray paint booth on the southwest side of the factory.  Paint usage is approximately 1 quart per week of water based primer.  A site can be deployed on the property that has a 360 unobstructed exposure.  The site is well maintained with no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities.  The site would require a power drop and a mounting pole with brackets for the sampling equipment.  The anchor site would require the addition of one or two trailers, telephone and fencing.  There is a driveway and parking area at the site which would provide the operator safe access to park and to perform the filter changes and data retrieval activities.

     Swiss Dane Corporation, 31955 Auberry Road

     Contact: Paul Odermatt, Owner, (209) 855-8205

The property at the Swiss Dane Corporation would provide the best exposure with the least impact due to local emissions.



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