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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 35°10’04.6” and W118°28’53.7”.

UTM Zone 10: 911.623 km Easting,

3900.829 km Northing.

North East South West

Site Description

The water tank site is located on top of the first set of foothills to the west of highway 58, and is approximately half the distance between site 3 and Tehachapi.  The site is easily accessible from Dovetail Road, and is located in a residential community with few established residences.  Therefore, the site would not be expected to be impacted by local emissions, i.e. chimneys.  The water tank enclosure is fenced with barbed wire and would provide a safe area for site operations.  The gate to the enclosure was locked with a GTE padlock attached to the chain.  There were no other identifiers within the enclosure.  The site has a 360°exposure and is surrounded on all sides by foothills with oak trees and wild oats.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site. A marked power pole, 2015437E, with three transformers is located directly across from the driveway to the tank on Dovetail Road.

The site would require mounting brackets for the sampling equipment, which can be attached to the power pole within the enclosure.  The tower location appears to provide the best exposure to the air mass channeled through the pass, without being as impacted by vehicular emissions from highway 58 as site 3. It is likely that most passenger cars could traverse the road to the site, without requiring four wheel drive or road improvements.  The water tank site may be at an elevation that may miss the air mass being channeled through the Tehachapi Pass.



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