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Updated September 05, 2000

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N 345301.6 and W1185411.7.

UTM Zone 10: 874.483 km Easting,

3867.622 km Northing.

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Site Description

The Digier Road solar site is located approximately 300 meters west of I-5 and 100 feet above the grade of the freeway.  The location is easily accessible with minimal traffic on Digier Road, which becomes a private road within 100 meters west of the proposed site.  Solar power would be required at the site as would a small enclosure to secure a portable tower.  The site has a 360 exposure and is surrounded on all sides by undisturbed property.  There were no signs of vandalism or suspicious activities at the site.

The site would require solar power, a fenced enclosure and a mounting support with brackets for the sampling equipment.  There is a turn-out close to the site which would provide the operator safe access to park and to perform the filter changes and data retrieval activities.

The property at the solar site off Digier Road would provide the best exposure with the least impact due to local emissions and is at a height above grade necessary to meet the guidelines for an interbasin gradient site.  The site is also located in the narrowest portion of the pass and has great exposure.  CalTrans may have ownership of the proposed property.



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