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Updated September 05, 2000


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N 354338.9 and W1180816.4.

UTM Zone 10: 939.893 km Easting,

3964.436 km Northing.

North East South West

Site Description

The site is at the South Fork Fire Station located on the south side of the valley is approximately 200 meters south of highway 178 and 2 miles east of the town of Canebrake.  The site has 110 VAC power hook-ups for trailers, security, and is accessible year-round.  A water tower on site, not photographed, would provide an above grade location, approximately 10 meters, for the samplers.  The barracks at the site are propane heated and the garage, housing the fire engines, is 150 meters west of the water tank.  The site has an unobstructed 360 exposure.  A 10-meter tower could be placed in the enclosure to provide a 360 unobstructed exposure.

     South Fork Fire Station

Contact: Dennis Adams, Steven Watkins (760) 378-3317.



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