Fall 2000 Corcoran Nephelometer Network

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Animation Overview

Animations show 5 minute averaged Corcoran nephelometer bsp data from the CRPAQS Fall 2000 Study. Each animation was created as an MPEG using 640x480 pixel GIF images. GIF images were developed with OpenDX (Open source IBM DataExplorer). The following image explains how to interpret the movies. Site descriptions are available.

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Super Zoom Corcoran Site Map

Viewing Animations

Most people will find the Media Player (mplayer.exe) and Windows Media Player (mplayer2.exe) are unacceptable for viewing the Nephelometer movies, because there is not sufficient control over playback speed. Because the animations are created in MPEG, a movie format, animations are not allowed to be slower than 24 frames per second. Most fast computers will simply animate the movie at a rate too fast for analysis. However, slower computers may actually drop frames to keep the "movie" playing at the "proper" frame rate.

The following players are recommended:
QuickTime - the player is free
VMPEG - not helpful by itself, but adds functionality to Windows Media Player (mplayer.exe)

For questions regarding web content, visualization, and CRPAQS analysis contact
David Nunes ( david.nunes@valleyair.org)

For questions regarding CRPAQS, data acquisition, and CRPAQS analysis contact
James Sweet ( james.sweet@valleyair.org)