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Welcome to California, picture montage consisting of California grapes, cable car, pda, San Diego skyline, Hollywood sign, and Monterey cypress tree.

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Updated April 15, 2004



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Altamont Pass ALT1
Angels Camp ACP
Angiola ANG1
Bakersfield - California Avenue BAC
Bakersfield - Golden State BGS
Bakersfield - Residential BRES
Barstow BARS
Bethel Island BTI
Bodega Bay BODB
Bouquet Canyon BQUC
Cajon Pass CAJP
Cantil CANT
Carrizo Plain CARP
China Lake CHLV
Clovis CLO
Corcoran - Patterson COP
Crows Landing CLD
Dublin DUB1
Edison EDI 
Edwards Air Force Base EDW
Feedlot/Dairy FEDL
Fellows FEL
Fellows Foothills FELF
Fresno Drummond FSD 
Fresno - First Street FSF 
Fresno - Motor Vehicle FREM 
Fresno Residential FRES
Hanford HAN 
Helm-Central Fresno Co. HELM
Kettleman City KCW
Livermore LVR1
Merced MRM
Modesto M14
Mojave MOP
Oildale OLD
Olancha OLW
Pacheco Pass PAC1
Pixley Wildfire Refuge PIXL
Pleasant Grove PLE 
Sacramento - Del Paso SDP
Sacramento - T Street S13
San Francisco SFA
San Jose - 4th Street SJ4
Selma Airport SELM
Sierra Nevada Foothills SNFH
Soledad Canyon SLDC
Southwest Chowchilla SWC
Stockton SOH
Tehachapi Pass TEH2
Tejon Pass TEJ
Trimmer KRV
Visalia VCS
Walker Pass WLKP
Walnut Grove WAG
Yosemite YOSE1
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