This page contains specifications for air monitoring instrument procurement.

For questions or comments related to these documents, please contact Matthew Vona at (916) 323-1807 or Matt Quok at (916) 445-2555 of the Operations Support Section.

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Number & TypeDocument NameDate UpdatedFile Size
002 spc Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc (API) Model 400E Ozone Analyzer12/03/1428.8 KB
101 spc Ambient NO/NO2/NOx analyzer specifications02/03/1046.1 KB
400 spc Met One Instruments Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor (BAM-1020)03/28/0734.3 KB
404 spc Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. Partisol-Plus Model 2025 Sequential Air Sampler10/15/1346.6 KB
602 spc Environmental Systems Corporation 8816 Data Logger03/28/0728.1 KB
604 spc Yokogowa DR-240 Hybrid Recorder03/28/0728.7 KB
700 spc Environics 9100 Gas Calibration System02/21/1359.4 KB
900 spc Zero Air Unit03/28/0735.3 KB
800 spc Andersen Instruments Poly-Urethane Foam (PUF) Sampler03/28/0734.8 KB
801 spc Xontech Model 924 Sampler03/28/0748.1 KB
802 spc Xontech Model 910A Sampler and Xontech Model 912 Sampling Adapter03/28/0749.7 KB
805 spc Xontech Model 910PC Sampler12/22/0951.7 KB
900 spc AADCO Model 737-12 Pure Air Generator1/1/199816.6 KB
900 spc Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc (API) Model 400A Ozone Analyzer03/28/0747.5 KB
900 spc Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc (API) Model 400E Ozone Analyzer03/28/0722.2 KB
702 spc Zero Air Generator 01/27/1117.1 KB
401 spc Met One Instruments Speciation Air Sampling System06/02/1138.4 KB

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