Air Quality Monitoring Network

This page last reviewed February 15, 2011

California's Air Quality Monitoring Network: Sites, Pollutants, and the Data Available

View, download, or request all or individual parts of a report listing:
  • Past and current monitoring sites and the air pollutants monitored at each site throughout California, as well as in the Tijuana and Mexicali border areas of Mexico.
  • Data availability for each air pollutant at each monitoring site, listed as a range of years.
  • Maps showing the general locations of the monitoring sites.

ARB's Air Quality Monitoring Activities

Access comprehensive site-specific information that includes street-level maps locating each monitoring site in the State, site photos, aerial photos, topographic maps, and more.

Also, access general information on ARB's:

  • Monitoring program to measure children's exposure to air pollution.
  • Monitoring program for each general type of pollutant (e.g., gaseous, particulates, toxics).
  • Quality assurance activities and links to ARB's quality assurance manual.
  • Standards laboratory and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

PM2.5 Monitoring Network Design for California