Application - Independent Contractor Program

This page last reviewed April 28, 2015

Program Description

The Independent Contractor program was designed to approve private independent testing contractors for sources who may choose to have the contractors conduct compliance testing instead of the Air Resources Board (ARB) for ARB required testing. The ARB does not require that testing contractors be approved prior to conducting testing in California. Approval under this program is only required by the ARB if the contractor wishes to conduct compliance testing instead of the ARB. Please check with the local District where any test is performed to find out about the District requirements.

Approval Process

Since the contractor may be providing compliance information to the ARB, we investigate it to ensure that it is able to sample and test accurately. Also, in order for the contractor to be approved as part of this program, it must perform both the sampling and the analysis for each test method entirely in-house. The investigation generally consists of three steps and usually takes several months.

  1. We require that the contractor send us information about its program, which we review to determine if it appear to be sufficient. Contractors are also required to certify that they will comply with standards regarding conflict of interest and to notify us of recent litigation with which they were involved.
  2. We inspect the contractor's facility to determine if it is adequate to conduct the testing that the contractor wishes to be approved for. At that time, we also check on the quality assurance procedures.
  3. For some methods, we require the contractor to conduct a demonstration in Sacramento of their capability to conduct accurate testing as compared to known standards or we conduct a comparative audit.


  • Please send us a priority list of the methods your company wishes to become approved to conduct. Please include both the sampling and analysis methodology you will use. If the method you are interested in is not a published United States Environmental Protection Agency, ARB or local district air pollution compliance test method, please cite one regulation or permit condition which specifies it as a requirement for compliance determination in California. Also, for any ASTM methods that you wish to conduct, please include the version, i.e. ASTM D323-58, and the material to be tested using the method. Please note that if the method your company wishes to be approved to conduct requires the use of another method, you will be required to be approved the embedded method also.
  • A list of at least two actual source tests performed using the methods your company wishes to be approved for. Please list the method performed, the date, the source tested, the purpose of the test, the members of your staff who conducted the sampling and the analysis, and the results of the test. You may also make any comments regarding the test which you believe may be appropriate. This information may be disposed of after the evaluation of all of the tests on your application are completed.
  • A specific list, by test method, of the major equipment which your company will use in both its sampling and analysis. Please indicate each instruments' make, model, principle of operation, and/or the type of detector, where appropriate.
  • Resumes of each of your sampling and analysis personnel.
  • A signed Litigation Statement, if appropriate. If your company has been involved in any litigation due to its environmental testing performance or business practices, please explain the reason for the litigation and its status. (PDF)
  • A signed Conflict of Interest form. (PDF)


Contact Information:
For more information on the Independent Contractor Program, please contact Kathryn Gugeler at (916) 322-0221.

Mailing Address
Kathryn M. Gugeler
Monitoring and Laboratory Division
Air Resources Board
Post Office Box 2815
Sacramento, California 95812