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Historical Common Carbon Cost Data and Transportation Fuel Fee Rates 

Common Carbon Cost Values

The Common Carbon Cost (CCC) is a uniform cost for each metric ton of carbon dioxide (MTCO2).  The CCC is calculated as the total amount of required revenue divided by the total amount of CO2 emissions subject to the regulation.  The following table lists the CCC value associated with each fiscal year of the program.  Fiscal year invoices are calculated from reported annual emissions and fuels data.  The first year for emissions reporting began in 2008 which correlates to annual invoices sent in for Fiscal Year 2010-11. The State of California fiscal year begins on July 1 each year and ends on June 30 of the following year.

Fiscal Year

Emissions Data Year


2010-11 2008 0.171
2011-12 2009 0.170
2012-13 2010 0.180
2013-14 2011 0.145

Fuel Fee Rates (CCC x Emission Factor)

Transportation fuel fee rates provide the per gallon cost associated with implementation of the AB 32 COI Fee Regulation. Transportation fuel fee rates are calculated by multiplying the CCC by the transportation fuel emission factors (below).

Fiscal Year    

Fuel Type         

Fuel Fee Rate ($/gallon)

2010-11 CA Diesel

CA Gasoline

2011-12 CA Diesel

CA Gasoline

2012-13 CA Diesel

CA Gasoline

2013-14 CA Diesel

CA Gasoline

2014-15CA Diesel

CA Gasoline/CARBOB


Transportation Fuel Emission Factors

Transportation fuels such as CA Diesel, CA Gasoline, and CARBOB that are produced in California or imported into California are subject to the Fee Regulation.  Below is a table of the emission factors (MTCO2/gallon) of the transportation fuels subject to the Fee Regulation (Section 95203(d)).

Fuel Type

Emission Factor (MTCO2/gallon)

CA Diesel 0.00996
CA Gasoline/CARBOB 0.00855

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