This page last reviewed Nov. 13, 2015

AB 32 Implementation Expenses 

AB 32 implementation expenses are approximately $50 million each year. Each fiscal year’s invoice is based on that year’s Common Carbon Cost (CCC) which is calculated as the total required revenue (implementation expenses plus or minus any shortfall or surplus from the previous fiscal year) divided by the total statewide emissions covered by the Regulation.

Reported emissions subject to the Regulation (approximately 80 percent of statewide CO2 emissions) were approximately 370 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2008 and have steadily declined to approximately 328 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2013. Historically, the CCC has ranged from $0.121 for emission year 2012, to $0.180 for emission year 2010. For emission year 2013 (Fiscal Year 2015-16), the CCC is $0.157. The following link provides a table showing the historical CCC and transportation fuel fee rates.

AB 32 Cost of Implementation Fee Funding in the 2015-2016 Budget Act

Department Thousands
Air Resources Board $44,241
Environmental Protection Agency $658
State Water Resources Control Board $584
Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery $564
Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency $493
Department of Public Health $357
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection $354
Department of Water Resources $348
Department of Housing and Community Development $315
Department of Food and Agriculture $142
Financial Information System for California $76
Totals $48,132

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