This page last reviewed February 2, 2014

Adaptive Management

On October 20, 2011, the California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) adopted the greenhouse gas cap-and-trade regulation (regulation) and approved the adaptive management plan (plan) for the regulation.  

The plan is focused on two specific areas:

  •    Localized air quality impacts from the regulation.
  •    Forest impacts from the U.S. Forest Protocol.

The plan requires ARB to take a range of actions in these two areas to monitor (see flow chart) and respond to adverse impacts that are caused by the regulation or the U.S. Forest Protocol.

What is Adaptive Management?

Adaptive management is a process of information gathering, review and analysis, and response that promotes flexible public agency decision-making.  This process is appropriate where complex systems are involved, where the effects of an agency’s actions might play out over an extended period of time.  Adaptive management is consistent with ARB’s long-standing approach to program implementation that incorporates on-going evaluation of how programs and regulations are implemented on the ground, regular updates to the Board, and adjustments to program implementation and regulatory requirements, as necessary.

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