This page last reviewed November 7, 2013

Public Owned Utility Allowance Distribution

Publicly owned utilities (POUs) and electrical cooperatives (Co-ops) participating in the Cap-and-Trade Program have until September 3rd, 2013 to let ARB know how to distribute the 2014 vintage allowances which ARB will allocate to them on November 1st, 2013.  These allowances may be distributed into the POU’s and Co-op’s compliance accounts, limited use holding accounts, or compliance accounts of other entities with which the POU or Co-op may have generating contracts.  The purpose of these forms is to specify the number of allowances that ARB should place into these accounts.

Please view the Electric Distribution Utility Allowance Table to look up the amount of free allowances the utility will receive.  

This information is needed to complete the POU and Co-op Utility Allowance Distribution form for utilities to indicate how they wish to distribute their allowances.  

Entities to which utilities will want to distribute allowances must provide the information on the Recipient Confirmation form.

A POU or Co-op will only be eligible for direct allocation of allowances if it has complied with the requirements of the MRR and has obtained a positive or qualified positive emissions data verification statement, if required, for the prior year’s emissions data report pursuant to MRR.

These forms should be both submitted electronically and by mail (signed) no later than September 3rd, 2013.  Please send the electronic version of this form to Sara Nichols (, 916-445-1952).  Please mail the signed copy of this form to the following address:

California Air Resources Board,
Attn: Sara Nichols
1001 "I" Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814

For questions or comments, please contact Sara Nichols at (916) 445-1952