Commercial Refrigeration Specification Program - Documents

This page last reviewed October 26, 2010

This page provides a list of documents related to the Commercial Refrigeration Specification Program.


California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32) (PDF 110KB)

ARB Publications

  • Early Action Report (complete final) (PDF 1.92MB)
  • Early Action Report (commercial refrigeration specification sector) (PDF 45KB)
  • Final Report: Inventory of Direct and Indirect GHG Emissions from Stationary Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sources, with Special Emphasis on Retail Food Refrigeration and Unitary Air Conditioning (PDF 2.6MB; note: this is a large file)
  • White Paper: Refrigerants and Greenhouse Gases: White Paper on Approaches to Reducing Leakage and Improving the Performance of Supermarket Refrigeration Systems (PDF 1.65MB)
  • CEC PIER Report: Investigation of Secondary Loop Supermarket Refrigeration Systems (PDF 926KB)
  • Report:Comparative Assessment of the Climate Relevance of Supermarket Refrigeration Systems and Equipment - Umweltbundesamt Report UBA-FB 001180/e (PDF 1.77MB)


Tecnicial Workgroup Meeting April 26, 2010 Presentation (PDF 192KB)

ARB Concept Paper

Commercial Refrigeration Draft Concept Paper (PDF 109KB)