Last reviewed on April 14, 2014

California GHG Inventory for 2012 — by Economic Sector & Activity

TreeMap notes:

  • The surface area of each category is proportional to its GHG emissions;
  • The color reflects change in emissions since year 2000: neutral grey for no change, greener for larger decrease, browner for larger increase.

User Interaction:

  • Bring your pointer on a category to read the 2012 GHG emission estimate in Tg (i.e. million metric tonne) of CO2 equivalent and the change since year 2000 (2000 value = index 100 so index=80 means 20% decrease, index=200 means doubling).
  • Left click to set a category as the focus for the graph.
  • Right click to set the parent category as the focus for the graph.
  • Press F11 to view full screen.

Category notes

  • Economic sectors and activity categories allow for comparison with other ARB emission inventories, which are similarly categorized.
  • CO2 equivalence based on Global Warming Potential values from IPCC Fourth Assessment Report