Last reviewed on December 22, 2014

Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Archive

Main sources (refrigerant, foam blowing, aerosols, fire suppression, and semiconductor manufacturing) of hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons
Main sources of hydrofluorocarbons
and perfluorocarbons


The ARB GHG inventory is updated annually to include additional years and improved estimateion methods. This website provides a repository of data and documentation for all past versions of the GHG inventory. These resources are provided for archive purposes only; please use the most current version of the ARB GHG inventory data and documentation.

Global Warming Potentials for Past Inventory Versions

Global warming potentials (GWPs) are used to convert mass emissions to carbon dioxide equivalent values (CO2e). These values are designated by the intergovernmental pannel on climate change (IPCC), and are updated periodically to reflect advances in scientific knowledge. All inventories prior to 2012 use second assessment report (SAR) GWPs, while the current 2000-2012 inventory uses fourth assessment report (AR4) GWPs. A table of SAR and AR4 GWP values and a further discussion can be found on our GWP page.

Archive Data and Documentation

2000-2012 Inventory [Current Version, AR4 GWPs]

Please see our current inventory webpage for data and documentation.


2000-2011 Inventory (SAR GWPs)


2000-2010 Inventory (SAR GWPs)


2000-2009 Inventory (SAR GWPs)


2000-2008 Inventory (SAR GWPs)


2000-2006 Inventory (SAR GWPs)