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Key Dates and Activities for the Mandatory GHG Reporting Program - Update for 2014

This page updated February 4, 2014

Date   Activity

February 1

Due date for electric power entities to register specified facilities outside California


Cal e-GGRT activated for reporting 2013 data due in 2014 (exact activation date to be determined)

April 10

Reporting deadline for facilities and suppliers of fuels and carbon dioxide, except when subject to abbreviated reporting. Applies to electricity generation facilities, refineries, cement plants, facilities producing over 25,000 metric tons of CO2e from combustion sources, suppliers, and others.

June 2

Reporting deadline for submitting Electric Power Entity reports and for those subject to Abbreviated Reporting. Electricity generating facilities must report by April 10th, even if operated by an Electric Power Entity. (Note, the 2014 reporting date is June 2nd because June 1st is a Sunday.)

July 15

Deadline for corrections to RPS Adjustment data required for electric power entity data reports

September 2

Final verification statements due for all reports, including emissions, supplier data, and product data. (Note, the 2014 verification date is September 2nd because the 1st is a holiday.)

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