Mandatory GHG Reporting - Electric Power Entities

This page updated August 8, 2014

new Updated Specified Source Emission Factors

Certain specified source emission factors have been updated using U.S. EPA greenhouse gas emissions data. EPEs affected by this update have additional time to perform verification . The time extension does not apply to EPEs that are not affected by the emission factor update.
    - Regulatory Advisory (8/8/14): Verification Deadline Extension for certain Electric Power Entities
    - Specified Source Emission Factor Revisions Summary

Instructions for Updating Emission Factors in Workbook 1

The updated specified source emission factors are available at the Cal e-GGRT help-site (see Electric Power Entities, file: Updated 2013 EF.xls).

Only reporters using specified sources that have been updated should update and resubmit their EPE reports.

Reporters affected by the emission factor update must update the factors in their previously submitted Workbook 1.
    - Instructions for Updating EFs in Workbook 1

A revised Workbook 1 has also been posted that incorporates the updated emission factors. This should not be used by EPEs that have already completed a 2013 data report. Instead, follow the instructions above to update the existing workbook.

If you have questions regarding the emission factor update process contact Wade McCartney, 916.327.0822, or Patrick Gaffney, 916-322-7303. 

Asset Controlling Supplier

Asset Controlling Supplier (ACS) information is posted on the ACS webpage.  


Specified Source Facilities - Registration by February 1

By February 1 of each year, Electric Power Entities (EPE) are required to register anticipated specified sources of power that they intend to claim in June 1 filings, pursuant to section 95111(g)(1) of the Mandatory Reporting Regulation (MRR).  ARB will use this information to calculate emission factors for the specified sources submitted which will be used by EPEs in their June 1 emissions data reports.  

Registration of sources anticipated to be claimed for the RPS adjustment is not required, but should be included with the June 1 emissions data report.  

The link below provides the spreadsheet template for registering specified facilities as required by section 95111(g) of the GHG Mandatory Reporting Regulation.  Please email the completed spreadsheet by the February 1st deadline to with the subject line: “Registration of Specified Electricity Import and Export Sources.” 

Asset Controlling Supplier - Registration by May 1

Electric Power Entities may register as an Asset Controlling Supplier pursuant to §95102(a)(17) and §95111(b)(3).  Once the application has been received, staff will calculate and publish a system emission factor for each Asset Controlling Supplier. Applicants may download and complete the Asset Controlling Supplier application forms.

If you have Electric Power Entity questions please contact Wade McCartney, 916.327.0822.