Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification Training

This page last modified April 3, 2014

Verifier Accreditation Training

Training was held in Pasadena on March 10-14, 2014, and will be held in Sacramento on April 7-11, 2014.  Please bring a paper copy of the Course 1 materials provided below, along with any course materials (courses 2-4) for other sectors for which you will attend.  You should also have a paper copy of the MRR, and relevant sections of 40 CFR Part 98.  Please consider highlighting, tabbing, and underlining key sections of the regulation so you can quickly retrieve relevant sections of the regulatory requirements during the exam(s).

List of training participants as of April 3, 2014

Course 1 Materials (General Verification)
All Course 1 materials in a zip file

Course 2 Materials (Transactions)
All Course 2 materials in a zip file

Course 3 Materials (Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems)
All Course 3 materials in a zip file

Course 4 Materials (Process Emissions)
All Course 4 materials in a zip file
Note:  "Course 4-6: Pulp and Paper" is not part of the training curriculum

List of Items to bring to training class
Paper copy of course materials (see presentation slides and handouts linked above - homework should be completed in advance of training class)
Paper copy of ARB's mandatory reporting regulation
Pen and/or pencils with scratch paper
A laptop if it is convenient (not required)
Paper copy of Subparts A, C, and D of 40 CFR Part 98 for Course 1 (and H, N, P, Q, R, S, V, Y, MM, NN, and PP for Courses 2, 3, and 4, as applicable).

Questions regarding ARB accreditation and training should be sent to

Additional Resources
ARB has identified the following video links that could help you prepare for the following sectors:
Cement (1) and (2), Glass (1) and (2) and (3), Nitric acid, Lead, and Refineries.  This material is not required to be viewed as part of this training.