Refrigerant Management Program (RMP)

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The RMP requires facilities with refrigeration systems with more than 50 pounds of high-GWP refrigerant to:

  • conduct and report periodic leak inspections;
  • promptly repair leaks; and
  • keep service records on site.

These facilities must register using the R3 tool; facilities with 200 lbs. or more must also submit annual reports by March 1 of each year.

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The regulation also affects:

  • any person who installs, services or disposes of any appliance using a high-GWP refrigerant; and
  • refrigerant wholesalers, distributors and reclaimers.

These facilities are also subject to registration and reporting requirements. Facilities whose systems use only ammonia or carbon dioxide as refrigerants are not subject to the rule.

Click the icon below to visit the R3 tool:

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For questions or to provide feedback on the rule please email RMP staff, or call us at (916) 324-2517

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