References: Consolidated List for Speciation Profiles

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This page lists references used for the California Air Resources Board speciation profiles.

Most of the references are accessed with the table, below.  However, a summary page of references for consumer products, aerosol coatings, and architectural coatings, can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The RefNum column entries in the table, below, contain links (click on "RefNum" entry) to additional documentation in separate Microsoft Word documents.   These same reference links can be found associated with individual speciation profiles using the INTERACTIVE OPTION web pages.

Ref Num Reference
1 1997 ARB Aerosol Coatings Survey
2 1997 ARB Consumer Products survey
3 1998 ARB Architectural Coatings Survey
4 A. Censullo, California Polytechic State University, San Luis Obispo,"Development of
Species Profiles for Selected Organic Emission Sources; Vol II: Engine Exhaust
Emissions", ARB Contract A832-059, April 30, 1991.
5 Air Toxics "Hot Spots" (AB2588) data
6 ARB In-Use Vehicle Surveillance Program Testing 1994,1996,1999,2000
7 ARB Kern County study (early 1980s)
8 ARB MTBE/Ethanol study 1997
9 B.M. Jenkins, et al, UC Davis, "Atmospheric Pollutant Emission Factors from
Open Burning of Agricultural and Forest Biomass by Wind Tunnel Simulations,
Vol. 1-3", ARB contract A932-126, April 1996.
10 C.W. Spicer et al., Battelle Columbus Laboratories, "Composition and Photochemical
Reactivity of Turbine Engine Exhaust", ESL-TR-84-28, Sept. 1984
11 Censullo, CalPoly San Luis Obispo, testing; ARB Contract No. 93-319. June 1996.
12 Cooper, J. A., et. al., NEA, Inc.  PM10 Source Composition Library for the  South
Coast Air Basin, Volume I and II.  Prepared for the South Coast Air  Quality
Management District, El Monte, CA.  July 15, 1987.
13 CRPAQS, data from Karen Magliano, ARB, PM 10 samples were collected
in 1997 from San Joaquin Valley
14 E.H. Pechan degreasing study, ARB Contract No. 93-341, December 1995.
15 F.C. Spurlock, DPR, 2000 Statewide ag VOC pesticide inventory, 9/19/02
16 G.S. Shareef, et al., Radian Corporation, "Update of Volatile Organic
Compound (VOC) Species Data Manual (Second Edition)", Interim Document,
EPA Contract 68-02-3889, April 1987.
17 H.J. Taback, et al., "Fine Particle Emissions From Stationary and Miscellaneous
Sources in the South Coast Air Basin", KVB 5806-783; KVB, Inc., Tustin,
California, February 1979.
18 H.W. Bucon, J. Macko, KVB, Inc., "Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Species
Data Manual", December 1978
19 Hildemann, L.M.; Markowski, G.R.; Cass, G.R.; "Chemical Composition of
Emissions from Urban Sources of Fine Organic Aerosol"; Environ. Sci. Technol.
Vol. 25, No. 4, p. 744, 1991
20 OMNI:  J.E. Houck, et al., "Determination of Particle Size Distribution Composition of Particulate Matter from Selected Sources in California", ARB Contract  A6-175-32, OMNI Environmental Services, Inc., Beaverton OR, Desert
Research Instit., Reno NV; June 1989.
21 R. Pelt, et al., "User's Manual, Landfill Gas Emissions Model, Version 2.0",
U.S. EPA, EPA/600/R-98/054,,
May 1998.
22 Taback, H. J., et al., Control of Hydrocarbon Emissions from Stationary
Sources in the California South Coast Air Basin, Volume II, KVB, Inc. Tustin,
CA, June 1978
23 U.S. EPA, SPECIATE database,; Profiles (304,306,307,316,321,1097-1099,2402,2466,2541, 2542,8235,9003-9007,9009-9014,9016-9017,9021,9026,9028-9030,
24 US EPA data, Report to Congress March 1995 EPA-453/R-94-066-A
25 W.R. Oliver, S.H. Peoples, "Improvement of the Emission Inventory for Reactivie Organic Gases and Oxides of Nitrogen in the South Coast Air Basin", Vol. I and II, ARB Contract A2-076-32; SAI and Radian Corp.; May 1985.
26 W.S.Smith,C.W.Gruber -'Atmospheric Emissions From Coal Combustion' (April 1966)
27 Uncontrolled Municipal Incinerators (1971), MRI.
28 Dynamometer Tests By General Motors And J.P. Subramani Of  University Of Cincinnati (Old Tire/Brake Wear Profiles)
29 KVB Assumption (PM Profile # 900, Unspecified)
30 R. Harley, UC Berkeley, theoretical analysis of headspace vapor (Diurnal/Resting Evaporative Gasoline Emissions)
31 South Coast AQMD Testing (1978), External combustion boilers- distillate or residual
32 Southern Calif. Gas Co. (Composite Natural Gas)
33 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 506, Halogenated cleaning solvents- mixed)
34 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 515, Composite industrial degreasers)
35 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 516, Composite dry-cleaning solvents)
36 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 517, Printing evaporation loss- general)
37 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 519, Aerosol sprays- synthetic)
38 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 549, Red oak combustion - wood stove (w/o catalyst))
39 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 562, Geysers power plant main steam)
40 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 563, Jet fuel evaporation (jp-4))
41 ARB Staff (Organic Profile 802, Composite mineral spirit  (naphthas or lactol spirits))
42 No Reference Listed (PM Profile 402, Two Compound Split - HEXAVALENT, TRIVALENT CHROMIUM)
43 No Reference Listed (Organic Profile 600, Default: weighted composite across all categories)
44 No Reference Needed (Single Compound)
58 Light-duty fleet composite organic gas emission profiles derived from ARB in-use surveillance data (Paul Allen - Air Resources Board).

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