This page last reviewed August 10, 2009

Development of SCOS97 Gridded Emission Inventories

This study was conducted by Sonoma Technology, Incorporated, (STI). The objective was to develop gridded anthropogenic emission inventories for the SCOS97 modeling domain . The modeling domain is in UTM Zone 11, bounded by 150-700 km UTME and 3580-3950 km UTMN. The resolution of the inventory is 2km x 2km. Gridded inventories were prepared for 1997, 2005, 2010, and 2020.

The project consisted of two main efforts:

  1. Develop base and future year surrogates to be used to grid area source emissions for sources such as off-road construction and architectural coatings.
  2. Revise DTIM to be consistent with EMFAC2000 and develop a regionwide set of DTIM inputs for each year to be modeled.

A portion of Northern Mexico is included in the modeling domain. An additional task was to review the previous inventory and prepare recommendations for improvement. The final recommendations are available here.

STI's 1997 surrogates are complete and the remaining efforts on DTIM and future year surrogates are expected to be complete by the end of 2000.

Images of the surrogates for the domain are available here.