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Southern California Ozone Study (SCOS97)


Gridded Emission Inventories Study

Gridded Commercial Shipping Emissions

Gridded Biogenic Emissions

Gridded 3-D Commercial Jet Emissions


A great deal of surface and aloft air quality data were collected during SCOS97. As an aid to visualizing the ozone data collected, a series of 3-D images were generated for the intensive operating periods, and other periods of interest to the regional stakeholders. Not all data have yet been incorporated into the images. For a description of what's missing, and for more information on the images themselves, please check out this link.

Observed Ozone Images


SCOS Modeling Protocol Document (209 KB in Word 97 format)
SCOS Modeling Protocol Document Table 1 (27 KB in Word 97 format)

Map of Modeling Domain

UC Peer Review Comments on SCOS Modeling Protocol Document

Episodes Under Consideration for Modeling (20 KB PDF file)