Peer Review of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program

This page last reviewed March 30, 2011

This page provides information regarding the external peer review of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program as part of the rulemaking process.  
These peer reviews were solicited to comply with California Health and Safety Code section 57004.

Peer Review

  • Overview of the Peer Review (PDF - 12k)
    • Peer Review #1: Professor Marr, College of Engineering, Virginia Tech (PDF - 836k)
    • Peer Review #2: Professor Reilly, Sloan School of Management, MIT (PDF - 1,100k)
    • Peer Review #3: Professor Thomas, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech (PDF - 704k)
    • Peer Review #4: Professor Mauzerall, Princeton (PDF - 257k)
  • Peer Reviewers CV (PDF - 3,111k)




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