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Important Note to Reporting Parties

The accuracy of any information submitted through the LCFS Reporting Tool, including but not limited to any claimed CI values, and the verification of any such submitted information are the sole responsibilities of the organization that submitted the information.  The ARB makes no warranties, express, implied, or otherwise, as to the validity, accuracy, marketability, merchantability, or any other aspect of any information submitted under this registration program or any information published by ARB as a result of or derived from this registration. 

Further, ARB makes no warranty, express, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy of the CI values submitted by biofuel producers as part of the Biofuel Producer Registration Process or the Method 2A/2B process. The biofuel producers are solely responsible for the accuracy of their registered CI values and the labeling of any product produced or delivered from their facilities.  ARB has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the CI values in the LCFS Reporting Tool reflect the information submitted by the biofuel producers.  However, ARB assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any biofuel producer-submitted information displayed within the LCFS Reporting Tool or any party’s use of such information.

No data, analysis, results, or other information published by ARB as part of this reporting shall constitute or be construed as instruments, securities, or any other form of property.  Further, no LCFS credit derived from the reported data, analysis, results or other registration information published by ARB shall constitute or be construed as instruments, securities, or any other form of property.

The links below are provided to assist in quickly locating information covering LCFS Reporting Tool (LRT)  related topics.  These are topics that we hope will be most helpful in answering your immediate questions and getting you started using the Reporting Tool.  If you have any additional questions or feedback please send an e-mail regarding the LRT to LRT-CBTS Administrator.

Getting Started
Ready to Report
Background Reading
LRT Workgroup

Getting Started

LRT Training Materials and Test Environment

The ARB has created a set of training materials for the LRT that includes the development of user guidance materials for the latest version (v2.2) of the Reporting Tool.  Also, recorded training videos are available on the LRT Homepage.
For those who would first like to be able to familiarize themselves with the LCFS Reporting Tool, the Test/UAT version of the LRT system is available online.  All regulated parties are welcome to register their organization and obtain an account to access the LCFS Test system.  This system is maintained with the same applications running as the LRT Production System, which is the official reporting system.  Users can interact with the most up-to-date implementation of the LRT.  All information submitted through the Test/UAT system is "For Test Purposes Only".

When using the Test (or Production) version of the Reporting Tool, you will see that it is set up basically as an accounting system that either adds or reduces the “obligation” based on the type of fuel and business transactions. The system calculates the overall credit/deficit for the quarter based on the CI, volume, and fuel transaction type.  On an annual basis, when reports from all four quarters are submitted, the system provides users the ability to review these submittals and submit an annual report based on the four quartler reports.  The results are used to determine compliance (on the Production System).  Back to top 

LCFS Reporting Schedule and Links to Reporting Advisories

Under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, all regulated parties must report transportation fuel transactions to the ARB.  The reporting schedule for 2013 fuel transactions is as follows:

  • May 31, 2013 – Q1 reports due for 2013
  • August 31, 2013 – Q2 reports due for 2013
  • November 30, 2013 - Q3 reports due for 2013
  • February 28, 2014 - Q4 reports due for 2013 
  • April 30, 2014 - Annual LCFS Compliance Report due for 2013

LCFS Q & A Guidance Document

ARB has prepared and posted the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Question and Answer Guidance Document Version 1.0. Staff will continue to update this Q&A document with additional guidance as needed.The LCFS Guidance Document for Reporting Ethanol that is Denatured in California in now available and on the LRT Homepage.
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Ready to Report

LCFS User Guide for Reporting Tool

A revised version (2.0) of the LCFS User Guide document will be released soon (10/25).

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Access LCFS Reporting Tool (Production version 2.2)

The LCFS Reporting Tool (Production version 2.2) can be accessed online .

This system is to be used for official LCFS Quarterly and Annual Reporting.  Each regulated party should register his or her organization by selecting “Register Organization and Users” at the bottom of the login page (Login.aspx).  ARB will activate the account, enabling access to the LRT system.

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For Large data files - XSD (schema) and Sample LCFS XML files

The LCFS XML Schema Document (XSD) provides the definition and codes used for creating your XML files. It is not part of the data upload. The latest version can be downloaded from the LRT HomePage. You can request sample XML data files from the LRT Administrator. These files can be opened in MS Notepad of an XML viewer.

An LCFS Excel Reporting Template can also be downloaded from the LRT HomePage. The template can be completed and uploaded as a Quaterly Report.

An LCFS MCON Reporting Template in Excel can also be downloaded from the LRT HomePage. The template can be completed and uploaded as part of Quarterly Reporting.

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LCFS RT Workgroup

For Administrators – Joining the LCFS RT Workgroup

If you are the LRT Administrator for your company, you are encouraged to participate in the LRT Workgroup.  Further information regarding this workgroup can be obtained at the LCFS Workgroup webpage.

To join the LRT Workgroup, please send an email to and request to be added to the LRT-CBTS Workgroup.This workgroup also receives information regarding the Credit Bank & Transfer System ("CBiTS").