Low Carbon Fuel Standard Sustainability Workgroup

This page last reviewed August 11, 2014


The Board directed the Executive Officer to work with IFWG, appropriate state agencies, environmental advocates, regulated parties, and other interested stakeholders to present a workplan to the Board for developing sustainability provisions to be used in implementing the LCFS regulation. The workplan included a science-based definition of sustainability; how the sustainability provisions can incentivize sustainable fuels; what provisions will be reviewed for inclusion in the LCFS regulation; the framework for how sustainability provisions could be incorporated and enforced in the LCFS program; and a schedule for finalizing sustainability provisions by no later than December 2011, unless the Executive Officer determines that such actions are not feasible and not appropriate.


  • The meeting notice along with other materials (when they are available) for the August 12, 2014, workgroup meeting can be found on the meeting page.
  • We are building our library of references related to the sustainability of transportation fuels. If you have an article or reference that you would like included, please email the article (link of pdf) as well as a short 2-3 sentence description of the document.


Please visit LCFS meetings for past meeting information, including draft documents and presentations, as well as agendas and call-in information.


Our Reference Page contains documents pertinent to our workgroup meetings.  These documents include other government policies, third party certification programs, research papers on various topics, and presentations.  Materials posted do not necessarily reflect the views of the Air Resources Board.  If you have a reference to add to our list, please email it along with a 2-3 sentence description of the document.


You may send your written comments via email or online.

You may view the public comments submitted via email below:

 July 18, 2011 LCFS Sustainability Workgroup Meeting Comments

1.    Debbie Hammel - Natural Resources Defense Council (PDF 72kb)
2.    Don Scott - National Biodiesel Board (PDF 252kb)
3.    Nick Matteis - California Wheat Growers Association (PDF 766kb)

You may view the public comments submitted online at the following link:

    Public Comments on Draft Principles 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12  Received in 2011


If you have questions regarding the sustainability workgroup, please contact:

Primary Contact Mike Waugh
Chief, Transportation Fuels Branch
Carmen Spranger
Staff, Fuels Evaluation Section
916 322-2778
Media Inquiries Stanley Young
(916) 322-1309