Goods Movement and Ports

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Port image Welcome to the "Goods Movement and Ports" joint webpage of the California Business, Transportation & Housing Agency (BTH) and the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA). The goods movement industry is a vital component of California's economy. BTH and Cal/EPA have partnered to bring all stakeholders together to discuss and address the important issues regarding improving the movement of goods and reducing its environmental impacts in California. With the help of affected industries and other interested parties, policies and programs are being developed to reduce congestion and to address the environmental impacts resulting from the growth of movement of goods in California. Please consider joining one or more of the ARB's Goods Movement, Ports & Rail related e-lists.

This webpage provides access to documents presented at public meetings and shares information.  This webpage will be maintained to provide you with a single site to obtain information related to Goods Movement and Ports.

Goods Movement Action Plan

Final Goods Movement Action Plan (released January 11, 2007)

Press Contacts:
BTH: Jim Evans, Deputy Secretary for Communications and Strategic Planning (916) 445-3545
Cal/EPA: Lindsay Van Landingham, Deputy Secretary Communications (916) 324-9670

Other Contacts - please see end of webpage

Public Meetings

Air Resources Board

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For more information about Goods Movement and Ports, please contact Brian Annis, Deputy Secretary for Transportation, Business, & Housing Agency at (916) 323-5485 or Cynthia Marvin, Division Chief, Air Resources Board at (916) 322-7236.