Sustainable Freight Transport

This page last reviewed August 10, 2015

On July 17, 2015 Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-32-15 which directs the Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency, the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency to lead other relevant State departments including the California Air Resources Board, the California Department of Transportation, the California Energy Commission, and the Governorís Office of Business and Economic Development to improve freight efficiency, transition to zero-emission technologies, and increase competitiveness of Californiaís freight system.

The integrated action plan, the California Sustainable Freight Strategy, will also identify State policies, programs, and investments to achieve these targets. The plan will be informed by existing State agency strategies, including California Freight Mobility Plan, Sustainable Freight Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions Discussion Document, and Integrated Energy Policy Report, as well as broad stakeholder input.


Governor Brown Signs Executive Order B-32-15

View Now: Executive Order B-32-15

Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-31-15, which directs the State to develop an integrated freight action plan by
July 2016. For opportunities to engage in related public meetings, see the California Freight Advisory Committee meeting schedule or sign up for our email listserve.

Sustainable Freight: Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions, Discussion Document

View Now: Sustainable Freight Discussion Document(PDF - 2.8MB)

The Sustainable Freight: Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions Discussion Document (Discussion Document) is now available. The document has been updated subsequent to the April 23, 2015 Board meeting and contains a summary of clarifications made as part of the update, a link to the Board meeting transcript, a link to the written public comments on the Discussion Draft, and Board Resolution 15-22. The Sustainable Freight: Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions Discussion Document sets out ARB's vision of a clean freight system, together with the immediate and near-term steps that ARB will take to support use of zero and near-zero emission technology.

For more information see: Notice of Public Meeting and ARB Board Meetings.

Stakeholder Engagement

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For more information on ARBs Sustainable Freight Transport Initiative, please contact the Freight Transport Branch at (916) 322-8382.