Stationary Source Division

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To promote and protect public health, welfare and ecological resources through effective and efficient reduction of criteria and toxic air pollutants, in recognition and consideration of the effects on the economy of the State, from the use of motor vehicle fuels, consumer products; and stationary sources; and, to reform, enhance, and expedite air pollution permitting in California.



  1. Provide low polluting fuels for use in motor vehicles in California.

  2. Protect the public from exposure to toxic air pollutants.

  3. Carry out State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements as they relate to consumer products.

  4. Provide leadership and guidance to continually improve the efficiency of California's air pollution control program.   

  5. Maximize outreach to the interested public and those we regulate and be sensitive to the needs of those impacted by our programs.

  6. Maintain a working atmosphere that encourages and promotes innovation and creativity among the staff and which is sensitive to staff needs.


The Stationary Source resources available online and those not available in electronic format are discussed within the following program areas.

Air Toxics

Climate Change

Consumer Products

Federal Clean Air Act Implementation

Motor Vehicle Fuels

Permit Coordination and Reform

Technical Guidance / Assistance


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