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ab32publichealth -- Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup Meeting

Posted: 15 Nov 2012 16:01:57
The Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup will be
holding a meeting on:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM PST
Sierra Hearing Room, Cal/EPA Sacramento.   


http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/?bdo=1  or 
(See under Resources/Live Webcasts)

E-mail questions to:  sierrarm@calepa.ca.gov

Call in option:
The dial in number:	888-790-3521
Access code:		44693

• If you join the call please mute (*6) your phone unless you
speaking on the conference line.
• If you choose to call-in and view the webcast simultaneously,
please note there is a feedback problem with the system.  (If
noise from the webcast is fed into the conference call it will
shut the entire system down and the conference call will be
• If you unmute (*6) your phone to speak you must mute
the webcast on your computer so it is not heard on the
call. Thank you for your understanding.

For additional information please contact:

Kathy Dervin, MPH
Center for Chronic Disease Prevention
and Health Promotion/CDPH(510) 620-6245 or

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