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Description: Heavy-Duty Electric Truck

California regulations do not include specific certification requirements for certain types of applications. Therefore, it is not possible for these applications to be certified nor to receive an Executive Order. However, other programs within ARB, or external agencies may require confirmation that the manufacturer's product falls within the definition of applications lacking regulations for certification and, if applicable, meets other requirements besides those of certification. In these instances, manufacturers may request an Approval letter which provides this confirmation. The information neccessary to obtain an Approval letter depends on the type of application. Products covered by an Approval letter must not be labeled or described as 'Certified'.

Approvals Available

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell and Battery Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles:

California regulations for heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles are still in the development process. During the interim, manufacturers may sell hydrogen fuel cell or battery electric heavy-duty vehicles in California without an Executive Order. Seperate programs within ARB or external agencies, however, may require confirmation that the vehicles are, in fact, heavy-duty electric vehicles. Consequently, manufacturers may request an Approval letter which states that ARB approves of the designation of those vehicles as heavy-duty electric vehicles. Manufacturers must submit the information requested in the document "Information Required for Review of Requests for Approvals of Battery Electric / Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles" ( PDF - 186K ) in order for ARB to verify that the vehicles do not emit any vehicle exhaust emissions or fuel-based evaporative emissions. Approval letters for heavy-duty electric vehicles are valid for new vehicles only. Manufacturers wishing to convert vehicles previously certified must follow ARB's Engine Change Policy. Contact by email Tony Martino, Section Manager, of the Aftermarket Parts section for more information.

Fuel-Fired Heaters:

California regulations require that Fuel-Fired Heaters comply with the Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Idling Requirements in 13 CCR 1956.8(a)(6)(D) and the Airborne Toxic Control Measure to Limit Diesel-Fueled Commercial Motor Vehicle Idling in 13 CCR 2485(c)(3)(B). Approval letters are issued for Fuel-Fired Heaters which comply with these requirements.

Approvals Issued


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