In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation

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(All documents are provided in (PDF) unless otherwise indicated.)

Fleet Average Calculator for Large Fleets (Updated 02/27/14):

The Fleet Average Calculator for Large Fleets has been updated to include all compliance years out to 2023.

Fleet owners utilizing the calculator are advised to first read the User Guide in order to familiarize themselves with the calculator.

The Fleet Average Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet designed to assist fleet owners in calculating their Fleet Average Index and Fleet Average Targets, based on the equipment model year and horsepower input. The calculator allows fleet owners to experiment with different turnover, repower, and retrofit strategies to plan for compliance with the in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation.

Statewide Off-road Regulatory Cost / Benefit Model: An updated version the Statewide Off-road Regulatory Cost/Benefit Model has been automated to evaluate multiple fleets in a single program. The model is a Visual Basic module that runs within an Access database and utilizes Access queries. The model is described in detail in Appendix H of the April 2007 Technical Support Document. The zipped file is approximately 15 MB, the uncompressed file is approximately 60 MB but will substantially increase in size as it is used. The output of this model only includes equipment capital costs. [NOTE: This model is computationally intensive and may exceed the limits of a computer's operating system depending on how many vehicles are run.] 

Statewide Off-Road Costs Spreadsheet
: This spreadsheet uses the output from the Statewide Off-Road Regulatory Cost / Benefit Model to calculate total statewide costs. These include reporting, maintenance, and other costs.  .



Table of off-road diesel engine emission factors by model year and horsepower. These emission factors are for calculating fleet averages for the off-road regulation. 



Combined ARB and U.S. EPA standards for off-road compression ignition engines.



Statistics on Responses to Off-Road Equipment (In-Use) Survey (as of 2/15/2006):

Total On-Line Survey Submittals:


Total Hard Copy Survey Submittals:


Total Responses to Survey:


Letter from the ARB to mine owners and operators in California. 



Letter from the ARB to solid waste and recycing facilities in California. 



Reliability of DPF-Systems: Experience with 6000 Applications of the Swiss Retrofit Fleet. 



Letter to 79,000 California Licensed Contractors



City of Houston Diesel Field Demonstration Project



New York City Construction Ordinance



Health Effects of Particulate Matter and Ozone Air Pollution



 Swiss Clean Air Ordinance for Construction



California Public Fleet Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Equipment Inventory (TIAX Report)



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Appendix A

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Appendix B

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Appendix C


ARB Cover Letter
TIAX Cover Letter
Vehicle Survey Form

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