In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation

This page last reviewed March 17, 2014

Email Messages Sent to DOORS Fleets

ARB Off-Road Implementation staff periodically sends email messages to fleets who have reported in the Diesel Off-Road Online Reporting System (DOORS), the reporting system for the Off-Road Regulation.  The emails inform or remind fleets about upcoming reporting deadlines, training opportunities, and more. This page is an archive of all such messages sent out to DOORS fleets since January 2012.

Emails are often sent to a subset of DOORS fleets; for example, fleets in a certain fleet size category.  The "Sent to" column below indicates the subset of fleets to whom each message was sent. Fleets that do not have an email address associated with their DOORS account are mailed a hardcopy version (letter) of the email listed.

An archive of notices sent to the "ordiesel" List Serve is available here.

(All documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) unless otherwise indicated.)
Date Sent Sent to Email Subject
2014-02-28 Large Fleets In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation Fleet Average Calculator for Large Fleets - Updated and Expanded
2014-02-12 All Fleets California Air Resources Board - New Free Training Opportunities for Heavy-Duty Off-Road Diesel and Large Spark Ignition Vehicle Owners
2014-01-16 Large Fleets ARB Annual Responsible Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) due by March 1, 2014
2014-01-13 All Fleets California Air Resources Board - Upcoming Off-Road Regulation Training Classes
2013-11-21 All Fleets U.S. EPA Seeks Rebate Applications for up to $120,000 for Clean Construction Equipment
2013-09-20 All Fleets US EPA Waiver Granted to Enforce the In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
2013-09-06 Large fleets without hour-meter readings for low-use vehicles Engine Hour Meter Readings are Required for Your Low-Use Vehicles
2013-07-29 Fleets with possible on-road vehicles Possible on-road vehicles in fleet
2013-07-24 Fleets with incorrect Parent DOORS ID designations Diesel Off-road Online Reporting System (DOORS) Notification - Updated Parent DOORS ID
2013-06-24 Fleets without a specific person listed as contact Air Resources Board - Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation; Generic Contact Name
2013-04-30 Large fleets that turned in 2013 ROAR forms 2013 ROAR Confirmation
2013-04-19 Large fleets In-Use Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation Revised Fleet Average Calculator Now Available Upon Request
2013-04-11 Large fleets that did not turn in 2013 ROAR forms In-Use Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation - 2013 ROAR Reminder
2013-02-20 All fleets Free Training on ARB's Off-road Regulation Available
2013-02-20 Fleets with Cleaire retrofits Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation Notice - Cleaire Ceased Operations
2013-02-19 Fleets with permanent low-use vehicles Off-road Regulation - Reporting Permanent Low-Use Vehicles in DOORS
2013-02-12 Large fleets ARB Affirmation of Reporting Due by March 1, 2013
2012-12-20 All fleets DOORS is Not for Portable Equipment
2012-12-20 All fleets Reminder Regarding Upcoming Off-road Regulation Deadlines
2012-08-13 Undesignated government fleets in DOORS Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation - State or Federal Government-Owned Fleets
2012-08-10 Fleets designated as operating in Captive Attainment Areas Off-road Diesel Captive Attainment Area Fleet
2012-08-10 Fleets created with duplicate accounts Duplicate Fleet
2012-08-08 Fleets with vehicles misreported as GSE Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation/Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
2012-07-12 Fleets with missing engine information Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation - Missing Engines
2012-07-11 Fleet portions that did not turn in 2012 ROAR forms 2012 ROAR Due
2012-04-20 Large fleets that did not turn in 2012 ROAR forms ARB Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) has Not Been Received
2012-02-17 Large fleets ARB Affirmation of Reporting due March 1, 2012