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The Diesel Hotline staff often receive calls that are similar. To provide you with quicker service
we are answering the most frequently asked question by other truck owners like you.

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 1. This month:

Q: I heard that there is an extension until 2018, is this true?   

A: The Board approved an option that could delay compliance for up to three trucks until January 1, 2017 for owners that can demonstrate they are financially unable to 

comply. This option is being modified as part of the 15 day public comment period. We anticipate these modifications to be finalized in the next one to two months, so  

please join the list serve to receive information as it is released.


 2. Last month:

Q: What if I am unable to install the PM filter by the Jan 1, 2014 deadline? What other provisions are open to me?    

A: ARB recognizes that many fleets are taking actions to comply with the January 1, 2014, deadline but may not be able to complete them on time. For such fleets, ARB is providing guidance to truck owners that are compliant for 2013 and have made good faith efforts to comply with the January 1, 2014, deadline to give assurance that they 

will not be subject to enforcement action for non-compliance prior to July 1, 2014. In addition, at its October 24, 2013, meeting, the Board directed ARB staff to examine 

several potential changes to the regulation that could provide owners additional compliance flexibility. For more information, see the Truckstop Nov 13th Advisory page 

regarding these changes.

 3. Previous months:

Q: How do I print a reporting certificate for my truck?

A: To print a reporting certificate in TRUCRS follow 4 Steps to Finding and Printing a Truck and Bus Certificate.

Q: I am a small fleet. Is there any extra extension I can use in addition to the Small Fleet Option?

A: Our diesel hotline is receiving many calls about the possibility of a new or extra extension for small fleets. There is no additional deadline or extension for
the small fleet owner. By January 1, 2014, one of the heavier vehicles in your small fleet should be retrofitted with a  Particulate Matter (PM) filter, or it should
have an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) diesel particulate filter. For more information, see the small fleet FAQ document and our fleet example page.