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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) conducts program-specific seminars and scheduled training courses on Diesel Regulations, Reporting, and Compliance. This page gives a brief description of training courses offered by ARB. Click on the course title for a list of scheduled course sessions and to register. Check this site frequently to see newly added dates and locations!

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new tag How to Comply with the Truck & Bus Regulation (Course 521):

Focuses on compliance with CARB's Truck and Bus Regulation, including main provisions, reporting, and proposed changes to the regulation. Also includes brief summaries of other diesel regulations, resources, and contact information. (For more comprehensive training on CARB diesel regulations, please attend Course #512 or #520.)

How to Comply with CARB Diesel Regulations (Course 520):

Reviews the inspection process, discusses the consequences of non-compliance, and explains how to comply with CARB regulations affecting most diesel vehicles and equipment operating in the State. This course is geared toward truck owners, operators, brokers, dispatchers, and fleet managers, all of whom are responsible for complying with these regulations.

June 13, 2013 webinar recording (3hrs. Please allow for one or more minutes to upload.)

 May 23, 2013 school bus compliance webinar recording and questions and answers from webinar

Truck and Bus and Tractor-Trailer GHG Reporting Training (Course 514):

How to report using the Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance and Reporting System (TRUCRS),  how to use the automated Truck and Bus Fleet Calculator, and basic Truck and Bus and Tractor-Trailer GHG Reduction Regulation requirements. An online version of the tractor-trailer GHG portion of course 514 is also available.

Note: The reporting course is not required by the regulation, and is not required for you to report.

Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview (Course 512):

Overview of ARB regulations that apply to diesel vehicle owners and operators: Idling, Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Programs, Engine Labeling, Diesel Emission Control Strategies, Truck and Bus Regulation, Drayage Truck Regulation, Tractor and Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Transport Refrigeration Unit Regulation, In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation and associated funding opportunities.

In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation Training (Course 504):

Overview of the amended Off-Road Regulation, including the applicability of the regulation, requirements currently in effect, and future compliance requirements. Includes an overview of the Diesel Off-Road Online Reporting System (DOORS).

Diesel Emission After-Treatment Devices (Course 511):

Diesel particulate matter (PM) and its health effects, diesel engine operating principles, types of after-treatment devices to control PM, device application and maintenance.

Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment Maintenance:

Offered by a number of community colleges throughout California through CCDET (class schedule) in cooperation with ARB, and can be scheduled by request. Covers types of after-treatment devices for PM and NOx, provides detailed information on device application and maintenance. Includes hands-on shop exercises designed to reinforce maintenance procedures. I intended for installers and service and maintenance professionals. Fee may apply.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP) and Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP):

Offered by several California community colleges through CCDET (class schedule). Covers California's two smoke inspection programs, test equipment, test procedures, record keeping requirements, regulations and advisories dealing with mobile diesel equipment. Fee may apply.

To request one of these courses at your site, please contact Mark Tavianini at or (916) 327-0632.

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Most online training courses are listed above by class name.

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 You can request an ARB speaker through the Office of Communications though the request a speaker form.