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Compliance with Heavy-Duty Diesel Regulations
Greener Trucks, Equipment and Financial Assistance
Heavy-Duty Diesel Inspections
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Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas
Truck and Bus Regulation
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Link icon Compliance with Heavy-Duty Diesel Regulations

How to Comply Course (520) recorded webinar (3 hours, with index)

Link icon Greener Trucks, Equipment and Financial Assistance

Bay Area trucker talks about his experience driving an upgraded truck (1 min)
Central Coast trucker talks about his cleaner-running truck (1 min)
Diesel Forum: Moving Forward with Clean Diesel Technology (3 Min)
Financial Aid for Cleaner Off-Road Vehicles (2 min)
Large trucking fleet representative talks about 52 upgraded trucks in their fleet (2 min)
SF firm chooses hybrid delivery trucks

Link icon Heavy-Duty Diesel Inspections

Heavy-Duty Inspection at Ports of Entry (15 min)
Heavy-Duty Inspection Program (14 min)

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Demo video 2 Demo video 2

See the TruckStop's Engine/ECL Label and GVWR Label websites for more information and photos.

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Icon saying NEW In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles Regulation Training (Class 504) online (1hr 40 min)

Link icon Retrofits (VDECS, DPFs)

Icon saying NEW A Truck Driver’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters

What Diesel Fleet Administrators Need to Know:

1-1 Program Introduction (15 min) 
1-2 How to Select the Proper Retrofits (15 min)
1-3 Retrofit Installation Requirements (13 min)
1-4 Essential Engine and Retrofit Maintenance Practices (14 min)
1-5 Retrofit Program Enforcement and Compliance (9 min)

See the retrofit website for more information.

Link icon Tractor - Trailer GHG Regulation

Tractor Trailer GHG Reporting and registration video button.(19 min)

On-line Compliance Training (regulation overview) (33 min)
SmartWay Technologies in California Trucking News (3 min)

Link icon Truck and Bus Regulation

Compliance Options:

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