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Quick Tips / Hotline Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the Quick Tips and the Frequently Asked Questions that can be heard on the 866-6DIESEL hotline.

Quick Tips

1.) "Problems with your TRUCRS account or reporting online? Email Be sure to include your company information, TRUCRS ID, and vehicle information."

2.) "Remember: update your TRUCRS reported fleet information if you bought or sold a vehicle this year or you are using a provision that requires annual mileage reporting."

3.) Did you know? No soot filter can legally be sold or offered for sale in the state without CARB's stamp of approval. Verified filters also come with a manufacturer's warranty that protects your investment, as long as the filter and engine are properly maintained."

4.) "Certificate of Reporting expired? Print out a new one each year by logging into your TRUCRS account."

5.) "Did you know ARB rules are designed to clean up emissiosn from toxic diesel emissions? Your actions help clean the air so everyone can breathe easier."

6.) "Avoid penalties due to manufacturer delay: order your equipment at least 4 months before your compliance deadline."

7.) "Gear Up for Clean Trucks! AIr Resources Board inspectors are actively enforcing the diesel regulations across California."

8.) "In a hurry? You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions online at"

9.) "Want to save time? The Truckstop website has a user-friendly contact form. Ask your questions via email or request a return phone call. Visit"

10.) "Idling limitations are in effect in Califronia. WIthout a Clean Idle sticker, idling for more than 5 minutes within California is generally prohibited. Idling within 100 feet of a residential area or school is also prohibited."

11.) "If you operate a diesel truck in California, regardless of homebase location, the clean-up rules apply to you."

Frequently Asked Questions

What Diesel Regulations Apply to me?

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What regulations apply to me?
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