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Compliance with Heavy-Duty Diesel Regulations
Greener Trucks, Equipment and Financial Assistance
Heavy-Duty Diesel Inspections
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Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas
Truck and Bus Regulation
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Link icon Compliance with Heavy-Duty Diesel Regulations

How to Comply Course (520) recorded webinar (3 hours, with index)

Link icon Greener Trucks, Equipment and Financial Assistance

Central Coast trucker talks about his cleaner-running truck (1 min)
Diesel Forum: Moving Forward with Clean Diesel Technology (3 Min)
Financial Aid for Cleaner Off-Road Vehicles (2 min)
Large trucking fleet representative talks about 52 upgraded trucks in their fleet (2 min)
SF firm chooses hybrid delivery trucks

Link icon Heavy-Duty Diesel Inspections

Heavy-Duty Inspection at Ports of Entry (15 min)
Heavy-Duty Inspection Program (14 min)

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Demo video 2 Demo video 2

See the TruckStop's Engine/ECL Label and GVWR Label websites for more information and photos.

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Icon saying NEW In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles Regulation Training (Class 504) online (1hr 40 min)

Link icon Retrofits (VDECS, DPFs)

Icon saying NEW A Truck Driver’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters

What Diesel Fleet Administrators Need to Know:

1-1 Program Introduction (15 min) 
1-2 How to Select the Proper Retrofits (15 min)
1-3 Retrofit Installation Requirements (13 min)
1-4 Essential Engine and Retrofit Maintenance Practices (14 min)
1-5 Retrofit Program Enforcement and Compliance (9 min)

See the retrofit website for more information.

Link icon Tractor - Trailer GHG Regulation

Tractor Trailer GHG Reporting and registration video button.(19 min)

On-line Compliance Training (regulation overview) (33 min)
SmartWay Technologies in California Trucking News (3 min)

Link icon Truck and Bus Regulation

Compliance Options:

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